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Please Join Us This Year
(Saturday, July 13th) & (Sunday, July 14th)
Rain or Shine


Please visit our 'Meetings' page for 'Meeting Dates & Times' as they occasionally change.


-- Welcome --
We welcome you to the Pioneer Valley Water Garden and Koi Club Website.

We are a non-profit group with a membership in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, focused on creating beauty and peace in our own backyards by building and maintaining water gardens. 

A water garden can take on many appearances. Some have fountains -- others have waterfalls or winding streams. All abound with plant life, fish, frogs, and attract backyard wildlife including butterflies and birds.
Our goal is to come together to share expertise, experiences, and a love of nature.  Highlight of our year is the annual "
Pond Tour".  In July, club members invite others to share a moment in their backyard paradise.  Tickets are available from our local supporters, businesses, and thru the pond club. 


Spring * Summer * Fall * Winter -- Enjoyed Them All!


  Seasons Outside My Door


Spring, everything fresh

And turning green

Outside my door,


I love it.


Summer, everything in bloom

With flowers and vegetables galore,


I love it.


Fall, leaves turning bright colors, Red and yellow, then to brown.


I love it.


Winter, the snow is coming down

All over the trees and my lawn,


I'll love it......When It's Gone!!!


Mary Louie Estabrook



        Come & Join the fun!



Pioneer Valley Water Garden & Koi Club
You can learn a lot about our Club by what we leave behind.
"Every time I go to a Club meeting, I don't know what I'll find."

"I return amazed with the hosts that let me into their world."


The PVWG&KC offers you the opportunity to share:

  Trained Koi Health Advisors:  (Certified Koi Keepers)

       a.  Certified Koi Keepers met both the completion and continuing education requirements of the CKK curriculum
             offered by Koi Organisation International, Inc. (K.O.I), 

       b.  Cross certified from the Koi Health Advisor Program, and met the continuing education requirements of
CKK program.


  Great Members:

       a.  Camaraderie.

       b.  Life-Long Friendships.

       c.  Fun &Laughter. 


  Monthly Meetings:

       a.  New hosts each month.

       b.  Different locations each month.

       c.  Chance to enjoy new ponds, great fish, water gardens, & landscapes.

       d.  Informative speakers.

       e.  Members share 'lessons learned' over-the-years.

       f.  Delicious food - graciously provided by the members who attend each meeting.

       g.  Two 'yearly plant exchanges'.


  Ask the Club:

       a.  Enter our Forum and ask your questions.  You will receive a reply from one of our
             'Trained  Koi Health
Advisors' or by another experienced club member.


  Yearly 'Pond Tour' in July:

       a.  More than twelve member's ponds to visit, in two days, on a Saturday & Sunday.

       b.  A chance to 'See how it's been done - BEFORE you start your own!


  Past Club-Sponsored Events:

       a.  Mini Pond Tour, CT.

       b.  Boston Flower Show, Boston, MA.

       c.  KOI USA, Westminster, MD.

       d.  Sugarloaf Koi, Campbell Hall, NY.

       e.  Brother's Winery, Geneva, NY.

       f.  Smith College, Northampton, MA.

       g.  Amherst Orchid Show, Amherst, MA.


  Amazing Photo Albums:

       a.  Experience past 'Pond Tours'.  (Click on the 'Photos' link at top of page)


  Terrific Vendors, Supporters and Sponsors:

       a.  Local Vendors are sometimes able to offer club members discounts.

       b. Where would we be without them?


  Simply-the-Best Volunteerism:

       a.  We willingly help when and where we can.
             Example:  Shriners Hospital for Children - Pondless Waterfall Installation.


  Library of Books and Videos:

       a.  Borrow a book or video and return it at the next meeting.

             Example:  'Kokugyo I' and 'Kokugyo II' (considered and recognized as bibles for Koi lovers)
                                by Mamoru Kodama.   Mr. Kodama's dedication to Nishikigoi is second to none!


-- Note --

Our 'Meetings' link above will take you to this year's activities,
as they evolve throughout the season.  Be sure to check back often!
There is so much to enjoy within our club!



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